Phenom Authentic prides itself on its approach to the world of apparel. Pride, work ethic, style, and passion are what separates us from others. 

From the start, we strive to provide our athletes and fans with limited-edition hand-printed/hand stitched pieces that represent who we are. 

We are here to create a brand that is unique and represents more than just a brand. We want our athletes and fans to wear our clothes with the same pride we created each piece with. 

Unique details are what make our pieces their own. Everything from the thread to the ink are factors that are slightly different from piece to piece providing one of a kind limited-edition apparel.

Our athletes and fans are one of the few people in the world who will be able to wear these unique and limited-edition pieces.

We thank you for your loyalty, support, and trust in us as we continue to grow our brand with passion and an unrivaled work ethic.